Loofah Sponges

Our naturally grown loofahs are a wonderful addition to our soaps. Excellent exfoliating properties and a self-sustaining product.  Each loofah will be a minimum of 6 inches in length.
We grow our loofahs here in Columbia, MO.  They are of vegetable origin and are edible when young.  When they have reached the end of their cycle, they are dried and peeled.  Our loofahs are 6 inches long and can be cut in half to extend the lifespan.

Due to the nature of nature, some loofahs may not be bright white like the ones you find in stores.  The ones you find in stores may have been chemically treated to be extremely bright. Our loofahs are as close to all-natural that you can get without the certification.  While we do our best to clean them, they are a natural product and may contain seeds or other vegetable product.  This does not affect the usability or quality of the loofah.\n\nOur cleaning process includes using a sanitizing solution (bleach and water).  Each loofah is rinsed multiple times to ensure the best product available.

You may also find that the first several uses of your loofah may smell like "hay".  This is normal for this type of product and will go away.  The scent does not transfer to your skin.

If you have allergies to squash or cucumbers, this product is probably not for you.  As with any natural product, if a rash develops, use your best judgment and stop using the loofah.
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