Peppermint Spice Body Scrub

Peppermint Spice Body Scrub is an invigorating and lively blend of infused oils, dead sea salts, and shea butter to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Peppermint Spice Body Scrub

A sugar and salt scrub combined with lavish oils and shea butter to enhance your bathing experience.  This body scrub has a sharp and strong, long-lasting scent that will wake up your sense of smell.  It exudes a crisp scent with a minty sweetness.

Tips for use: The Body Scrub has fresh sugar and oils and should be used within 1 (one) month of purchase.  When using the Body Scrub in the shower or bath, use care not to introduce water into the Body Scrub and it will retain freshness.  Getting water into the Body Scrub container will cause product deterioration and shorten its shelf life.  Water will not affect usability.  For best results, blend well before use, utilize your Body Scrub two to three times per week, and do not use it on your face, broken skin, or sensitive areas.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil

*Product does not contain actual pieces of peppermint candy.  The only peppermint in this product is the 100% therapeutic grade essential oil.  Peppermint candy in the image is for representation only.

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